What is this book basically?

“The Super Affiliate Handbook” by Rosalind Gardner is, as the title also says, a handbook for affiliate marketers. The word, “super” in the title, doesn’t imply that the book is only meant for super affiliates. Rather, in “The Super Affiliate Handbook” Rosalind Gardner intends to show you how you can become a super affiliate.

Rosalind Gardner knows what she’s talking about.

On her web site, she delivers the proof that she personally earned $436,797 the year prior to the publication of “The Super Affiliate Handbook”. Rosalind Gardner has primarily earned this income been earned by marketing affiliate products and services targeting the dating market.

But can you do the same, even if you want to target other markets?

The experience of several super affiliates confirms the fact that it can be done. And in “The Super Affiliate Handbook” Rosalind Gardner shows you step-by-step how she and several other affiliate marketers have become so successful.


What I like in this book

“The Super Affiliate Handbook” by Rosalind Gardner is one of the very best overviews I’ve ever seen over the process of marketing affiliate products. In fact, the only competitor I can think of right now is James Martell’s book on the same subject.

In opposition to most other books on affiliate marketing, and Internet Marketing in general, in “The Super Affiliate Handbook” Rosalind Gardner really goes into the details on how you can build you own profitable Internet business.

Rosalind Gardner covers several subjects that most other authors either skip or just mention in passing. For instance, one of the most important and helpful parts of “The Super Affiliate Handbook” is the section on how to track your results. Most other Internet marketers underscore the importance of doing this, but they don’t tell you how. Rosalind Gardner doesn’t emphasize the importance of doing this, she also tells you how she does it. And she shows you the spreadsheets she herself uses to track her number of visitors, buyers etc. This is a very valuable part of this book. It’s just a shame that you don’t get the spreadsheet templates themselves, so that you can use them in your business. You just get a screen view over the templates.

Now, it isn’t that difficult to create these templates yourself. If you have Microsoft Excell (or another similar program) installed on your computer, you can easily create these templates yourself. But it would have been easier if you got them together with the book.

Rosalind Gardner also leads you through the formula for calculating your conversion rate. This formula is of course well known, but it’s really fine that she has included it in the book. If you want to track your ad results this formula is indispensable.

As I mentioned above, one of the things I like the most about “The Super Affiliate Handbook” is the degree to which Rosalind Gardner gives you all the details of how to become a super affiliate. She covers… 

“The Super Affiliate Handbook” contains so much valuable information that I’m really impressed. But despite the amount of information, you get enough details to get a grasp of each step in the process. And you never loose the overview.

There are only two parts of the book where I would like to get a few more details.

The first part is Rosalind Gardner’s coverage of how to track your results. I’ve already mentioned this above and commended Rosalind Gardner for what she indeed has included about this subject in “The Super Affiliate Handbook”. As I said above, just the fact that Rosalind Gardner covers this subject, makes “The Super Affiliate Handbook” stands out among most of here competitors. And especially the spreadsheet templates included in the book are extremely valuable.

However, to make the book perfect, I would like to get even more details about exactly how to track and test all moves in an affiliate business.

I don’t say this subtract from all the positive words I’ve said above about this part of “The Super Affiliate Handbook”. It’s just that, considering the many details of the rest of the book, it would have added even more to the value of the book if you got even more specific descriptions in the section.

The second part is Rosalind Gardner’s coverage of pre-selling. If you’d like to become a super affiliate, the ability to pre-sell is vitally important. Actually I think Rosalind Gardner could have elaborated even more on this important topic. She does give you some ideas about how to pre-sell, but I still miss a few more step-by-step descriptions.

However, if you’d like to see one of the best practical examples on pre-selling that I’ve ever seen, you should look upon Rosalind Gardner’s book from this perspective. By this I mean, “The Super Affiliate Handbook” itself is a brilliant example on how you can pre-sell affiliate products. The book is filled with affiliate links, and the text in the book is how Rosalind Gardner pre-sells these products.

I say this without any irony. I really say this in a positive frame of mind.

I certainly don’t blame Rosalind for including the affiliate links in her book – especially considering the high quality of the information in her book. Exactly the high quality of the information in “The Super Affiliate Handbook” justifies the affiliate links. Rosalind Gardner’s endorsements are – in my opinion – justified and given with the best intents in mind. So, why shouldn’t Rosalind Gardner use her affiliate links instead of just giving the URLs without the affiliate codes?

If you would like from a super affiliate how to pre-sell affiliate products, try to look upon “The Super Affiliate Handbook” from this perspective. The reason why Rosalind Gardner does such a good job pre-selling affiliate products, is that her affiliate links are embedded in honest and high-quality information. In opposition to most other affiliate marketers, she doesn’t just throw a bunch of affiliate links in your face. No, she really helps you and gives (after you’ve paid for it :-) you high-quality information that you can immediately use. And then when you need to get the resources and tools to apply her advice to your business, you use her affiliate links. And most of her grateful readers won’t blame her after they’ve gotten so much fine information from her.

The book is really well written. The language is engaging, and Rosalind Gardner doesn’t fall for the temptation to try to impress with her knowledge. Instead you immediately sense that she’s speaking out from her personal knowledge. This impression is also emphasized by the many personal real-life stories and illustrations Rosalind Gardner has woven into the text.

The look of the book is very good. It can be very annoying to read an otherwise good ebook that looks sloppy and amateurish. “The Super Affiliate Handbook” looks really professional and nice.

Finally, I’d like to mention how nice it is to finally read a book that takes advance of the possibility to use an interactive contents list. So many ebook authors neglect this functionality despite the fact that it makes it much easier to navigate around in the book.


Overall assessment

This is a fantastic book! One of the absolutely best books I’ve ever read on Affiliate Marketing – maybe even the best.

You get all the details you need to build your own successful affiliate business. The book is well written and the content is easy to understand and apply. The graphics, the navigation (with interactive links) and the illustrations look really good.

If you are interested in building your own affiliate business on the Internet, I think “The Super Affiliate Handbook” by Rosalind is one of the absolute best places to start. And considering the low price of the book, it’s an absolute steal. So, get this book! I give it my strongest recommendations.

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