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For those who are struggling with Adsense, Google themselves offer considerable help to get you started. Here are some useful resources:

1. Adsense Help Center

2. Adsense Forum - discuss Adsense with other webmasters, and get tips and help.

3. Adsense Blog - A great read

4. Publisher tools

5. Webmaster Guidelines

6. Google's products and services listed


Great Tool - Free Headline Analyser Great Tool - Free Headline Analyser

Do your newsletter subject lines or blog post titles have emotional or intellectual appeal?

How much?

Find out using the Advanced Marketing Institute’s free Emotional Headline Analyser where you can test your headline, page title, or PPC link text for intellectual, sympathetic, and spiritual impact. Remember to take a look at http://www.headlinecreator.co.uk


Here is a great keyboard trick from that will save you a lot of typing when you surf the web.

Intead of typing in the http://www. before the domain name, and the .com after it, just type in the site’s domain name into the address bar. Then hit CTRL and ENTER keys together. This adds both the http://www. and the .com and works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser.

Go ahead, try it. Copy frankfurness into your address bar now, then hit CTRL and ENTER together.


Do you need to Outsource any work. Find professionals for websites, design, programming, writing and stacks more, try these sites.....I use them all the time:

Elance - Click to link

Rent a Coder - Click to link

Craigs List - Click to link


Video online - put your videos online - great free advertising

Youtube - click to link

MSNvideo - click to link

AOLvideo - click to link

Yahoovideo - click to link

Grouper - click to link

Heavy - click to link

Revver - click to link

Eefoof - click to link

Ifilm - click to link

Panjea - click to link

Break - click to link

Myspace - click to link

Google Video - click to link

Eyespot - click to link

Jumpcut - click to link

Ourmedia - click to link

Sharkle - click to link

Metcalfe - click to link

Videoegg - click to link

VEOH - click to link

Videomeo - click to link

Vsocial - click to link

Motionbox - click to link

Flurl - click to link

Atomfilms - click to link

Video sharing sites compared - take a look

Other Video services


Want some fun, take a look at Iambored.com


Shortcut to Minimise all windows

If your keyboard has a Windows key (and most current keyboards do), you can press the Windows key and the M key simultaneously to minimize all the currently open windows on your desktop. I use this shortcut frequently to eliminate desktop clutter


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